Key Activities

  1. Development of an interdisciplinary teaching modules and panel discussions on intercultural communication dynamics between Europe and India
  2. Foster an ambience of cultural preparedness in terms of intercultural communication between India and Europe
  3. Provide a space of students to develop cultural relativism and an enhanced understanding communication across Europe

Key Outputs and Outcomes

  • Creation of culturally sensitive youth that is competent in intercultural communicative scenario in Europe and India
  • Increase the number of students and scholars who are aware of the nature cultural nuances of Europe in general, its relevance in the intercultural context in particular
  • Innovation in teaching activities, creation of web pages to openly share academic contents
  • Publication of the volume on intercultural communication dynamics in Europe and India
  • Improvement of international preparedness of Manipal university students
  • Visiting scholars, guest lectures, exchange of faculty staff and joint research