The Course

About the course:

HUM3292: Building Bridges: Indo-European Intercultural Dynamics

Open Elective Course at Manipal Institute of Technology (03 Manipal Credits)


This course provides an understanding of the concepts in intercultural communication to students by providing insights in to the fundamental theories in the field. Further, the course focuses on the nuances of intercultural communication in the European contexts. It enables the students to grasp the commonalities and differences between the Indian and European intercultural communication dynamics. Overall, the course aims at enhancing the perceptions on communication styles across Europe and their relevance to the students of a diverse background.

Course contents

  • The challenges of Intercultural communication – interacting in a diverse world, understanding cultures, alternative views of reality, cultural stereotyping.
  • Foundational Theories in Intercultural Communication – Edward Hall, Samovar, G Hofstede,
  • Understanding cultural Dimensions and Cultural Stereotyping- collectivism/ individualism, power distance, masculine/feminine
  • Cultural metaphors on Europe and India- significance
  • Intercultural Business Communication Competence: Europe and India
  • Communication across cultures in Europe and India
  • Nonverbal Language in Intercultural Communication: Europe and India
  • Cultural influence on interpersonal communication in Europe and India
  • Intercultural Dynamics in the multicultural organizations